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Our services

Garden Deco undertakes the design, implementation and maintenance of your garden. We choose the plants and place them in all our construction in a unique way. After the completion of your garden, we provide the maintenance of your garden.

Σχέδιο Τοπίου & Λογισμικό Τρισδιάστατης Παρουσίασης

Landscape Design & Dimensional Software Presentation 

Landscape professionals, architects and designers with years of experience in the field, give you the chance to see your garden on the screen.

Παροχή και Προμήθεια Φυτών

Plant Provision and Supply
Garden Deco imports plants from Holland, Israel and Italy, countries that have a tradition of producing unique plants in colors and quality, so you have the option to make your garden even more beautiful

Κατασκευές Κήπων

Garden Structures

A garden is more than just plants. It is known that a garden needs to have a proper infrastructure and solid basis before creating a garden.

Εμφύτευση & Συντήρηση Γρασιδιού

Grass Implantation & Maintenance

Whether if looking or thinking of a garden you certainly do not want to miss out the picture of the green grass! 


Γαρνιρίσματα & Διαμόρφωση Φραχτών και Θάμνων

Garnish & Remodeling hedges and shrubs

The attention to detail is what makes us different, since your garden and your plants can be formed into shapes of your choice. 

Πράσινες Οροφές-Βεράντας/Μικροί Εσωτερικοί Κήποι

Green Roofs-Verandas/Small Indoor Gardens 

Through seminars and training in Germany, Garden Deco is capable to shape a lifeless roof-terrace in a lush landscape with character.

Κλαδέματα & Ψεκασμός

Pruning & Spraying
To maintain the image that you have in mind for your ideal garden is important through the  year to follow procedures in the right way at the right time.


Γενική Εβδομαδιαία/Μηνιαία Συντήρηση Κήπων

General Weekly / Monthly Maintenance​ 

It is important to maintain a garden, where flowers, plants


Are you interested about our services?

Garden Deco team is fully qualified to the highest levels.  Our team is expertly skilled in every aspect of our work, above all, they are Professional, Dependable, Courteous and Efficient.

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